Ycc model crane review

images ycc model crane review

As for Plastic to metal ratio, you'd want to stay away from most Universal Hobbies pieces since they are just about all plastic. Liebherr LTM Schmidbauer won't be done again but I'm sure other, new liveries will be. I do love their tin boxes so I wouldn't mind buying from them, hopefully the models are not too plastic. Complete newbie to construction diecast! It's better to be silent and thought a fool, then to speak up and remove all doubt The complex of Newgrange was originally built between c. Just to be clear by Standard version do you mean the plain no livery crane?

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  • YCC Scale Models.

    YCC Liebherr LG Mobile Crane The Classic Machinery Network

    YCC is a small company based in Taiwan which produces very high quality accessories and models, particularly of Liebherr cranes. The LTM "Thömen" from YCC at work with guying system. YCC created a superior model of this popular crane with a level of details, which is totally unique​.

    The large shop for cheap ⭐️ truck models, construction machinery models, 7 sheaves Black/Yellow ton for TEREX / DEMAG AC - truck crane.

    images ycc model crane review

    You cannot create polls in this forum. I will soon start cataloging available models and might ask here again about the models I shortlist for first purchase.

    Cranes Etc YCC Scale Models Reviews Index

    I even had the privilege of working with one of their senior design engineers in trying to resolve the issues with practical, readily available in the home fixes. You cannot post new topics in this forum. Modellbericht SK AT 5 vs. LTR vs. Paul R wrote: Hi, I'm going to to keep it to cranes as that is what you seem to be gravitating towards and are also what I collect and have several of from various manufacturers.

    images ycc model crane review
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    YCC choose a unique and fantastic way to secure each section.

    I think the consensus is that NZG are the best all round choice, with Conrad also being good. The crane is safely supported on the crane mats even without ground contact.

    Liebherr Toys and Collectibles

    Currently I have about of these, and over time I find myself gravitating towards buying only the most detailed metal models available, primarily from the likes of CMC and Exoto. You cannot create polls in this forum. But there are exceptions with quite a few models. Within recent years nearly all diecast model companies presented lots of interesting collectibles.

    LIEBHERR LTMG Chi Deh, limited edition of models many new YCC Liebherr LTM Mobile Crane Luffing Fly Jib Cranes Etc Review.

    YCC Models.

    images ycc model crane review

    likes · 28 talking about this. Hersteller von Maßstabsmodellen​.

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    Professional sales and development in Europe and America with our high quality models and specific accessories for various crane models, this website is.
    Once again thank you for your detailed replies. In the last 6 months I also got a bit into and diecast warplanes, and have about 40 of those now.

    YCC scalemodels and accessories order for collectors buy online

    It was designed without back pendants and the winch was responsible for tensioning the system. The carrier's back with spare tire. You cannot reply to topics in this forum.

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    I just love the liveries on both of them.

    images ycc model crane review
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    I think some manufacturers are exclusive to the countries they are produced in.

    In fact a lot of the F1 models that I bought and loved almost exclusively had decals.

    images ycc model crane review

    Also feel free to ask anything, nothing about this hobby is ever a given and we have many here who are from various other hobbies as well. As for graphics, most manufactures use tampo printed graphics, although some WSI and I believe Most YCC models use decals, and Joal uses stickers on a lot of their older models. Cranes Etc wrote: The shape of the boom with its corrugations provides a particular challenge to apply the graphics, and a couple of the logos were not perfect.

    Gottwald AMK Once easily opened, a view into the cab shows the mid control column and even the speed control.